Gayle Ginnane

Gayle Ginnane – Principal Consultant

Business Assurance
Gayle Ginnane has over 30 years experience in Public Sector, 12 years as the CEO of PHIAC.


Gayle was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Private Health Insurance Administration Council (PHIAC) with regulatory responsibility for the private health insurance industry until May 2008. As CEO, Gayle reported to the Board of PHIAC. Gayle is highly collegiate as well as authoritative, inviting challenge to ensure that all issues are considered in decision-making. She has mentored and planned the development of staff and ensured an interesting and challenging professional environment in which to work.

Key Experience

Gayle currrently chairs the National Blood Authority and holds directorships on the Australian Childrens Education and Care Quality Authority, CIT Solutions, Police Health, Australian Pharmacy Council, ACT Medicare Local and the Advisory Council for the University of NSW at ADFA. She is the independent chair of Audit committees for Professional Services Review and the National Health and Medical Research Council.

As PHIAC CEO, Gayle led considerable industry change including the implementation of new prudential standards for the private health insurance industry, a new and fully independent board for PHIAC replacing an industry board,  a strong and ongoing emphasis on corporate governance and risk management for the industry, introduction of risk equalisation arrrangements, providing training for the directors of private health insurers and the introduction of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.

Gayle has broad experience as a senior manager in an insurance and regulatory environment dealing with both the public and commercial sectors in an environment of significant complexity encompassing both large and small organisations. She has an in depth understanding of governance, risk management and the public/private interface and experience in assessing the commercial realities of the business environment.

Gayle has considerable experience in the public sector as a senior manager at the SES level and more than ten years experience as a director on a number of Boards, both government and private sector. She was a founding director of the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) which commenced business on 1 January 2012. This process has involved establishing governance arrangements, risk management plans and an initial budget in an uncertain environment including working with State and Australian governments and industry stakeholders. As Chair of the Governance Committee, Gayle has also helped established new governance arrangements for the ACT Medicare Local (ACTML), which was established in 2011 to expand the role of the former ACT Division of General Practice in to a broader role in primary care.

Gayle has contributed to a number of voluntary organisations at senior and Board levels including Scouts ACT, Institute of Public Administration ACT Branch and the Community Living Project.


As the CEO, Gayle was responsible for the development of governance standards within PHIAC and also for the development of good governance principles within the private health insurance industry which PHIAC regulates. She has since assisted in the development of governance arrangements for ACECQA and the ACTML.

Financial and commercial acumen

Gayle has a sound understanding of the financial basis of organisations and can read and understand complex financial reports. She managed the development of improved financial reporting for health insurers including actuarially based financial condition reports. As the regulator, she was able to implement necessary action to protect consumers within organisations that were at risk of financial failure and removed from the industry a number of organisations without loss of insurance coverage or non-payment of claims. She now has considerable experience as a director and as a Chair and Member of Audit and Risk Committees oversighting the financial and risk management of companies and organisations.

Leadership and Chief Executive Experience

Gayle led the private health insurance industry through significant changes such as the development of capital standards, changes in risk equalisation systems, improved governance and changes in legislation.

She worked with three Chairpersons and a number of different board members within PHIAC during her tenure and also worked closely with boards within the private health insurance industry.  She understands board dynamics and has assessed Boards and dealt with poor performance and has a keenly attuned awareness of managing change within difficult environments.

Gayle has considerable experience working with small teams within organisations and within the broader industry to achieve complex outcomes. She understands the importance and has experience in dispassionate decision-making based on information available and in explaining those decisions.

Compliance and risk management

Gayle’s experience in assessing business performance is considerable, including ensuring compliance with external accounting requirements and regulatory agencies. She has a strong understanding of the complexities involved in decision-making within and across sectors. In addition, as a member of a number of Audit and Risk Committees, Gayle has expanded her experience in oversight roles.

  • Graduate Diploma in Strategic Studies, Joint Services Staff College
  • Master of Defence Studies, University of NSW
  • Bachelor of Economics, University of Qld
  • Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics and Statistics), University of Qld
Current Boards and Committees
  • Chair, National Blood Authority (term to be completed in January 2019)
  • Councilor, Australian Pharmacy Council
  • Director, Police Health Ltd
  • Advisory Council, University of New South Wales Canberra Campus.
  • Audit Committee Chair, National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Audit Committee Chair, Professional Services Review
  • Audit Committee, Multicultural NSW
  • Audit Committee, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Audit Committee, Department of Finance
  • Audit Committee, Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities