Alison Hoefer

Alison Hoefer – Business Manager

Alison Hoefer has over 20 years experience in business administration and professional services.

Career Summary

Alison is the Director and Company Secretary of several companies including Resolution Consulting Services. Her role as the Business Manager of Resolution includes financial management, contract management, tender submissions, payroll, HR management, business development and compliance. Alison is responsible for providing business support to our team and developing and maintaining systems and processes to support the effective running of the office. Alison has excellent organisational and administrative skills and works independently with discretion, judgement and analysis in her role. She communicates effectively with staff and external agencies in a confident and sensitive manner verbally and in writing.

Alison has been involved with a number of consulting projects that have utilised her analytical, organisational and research skills. These projects are:

  • Non-Government Schools Census validation, Department of Education 2016, 2017, 2018 (project manager) and 2019 (project manager).
  • Scheduling and stakeholder consultation for several projects such as the Digital Education Revolution Audit.
  • Data entry for use in cost and funding models including Immunisation and Border Force.
  • QA review of operational/end user documentation for reporting and costing systems developed by RCS for clients including TGA and Immunisation cost models and the Department of Education WELL Performance Reporting System.
  • Research for a budget submission for Aboriginal Hostels Limited and the administration of Therapeutic Goods Administrations submissions.
  • Infrastructure Australia – preparation of AAI’s in accordance to the PGPA Act.
  • Payroll system procurement, ACIAR.
  • Security procurement, NGA.
  • Publishing procurement, ACIAR.
  • International Project Managers procurement, ACIAR.
Not for Profit Sector

Alison provides support to a number of not for profit organisations including:

  • Finance Manager for the Arthur Shakespeare Foundation for Scouting where her role is to prepare financial reports for board meetings and manage the investment transactions;
  • Book Keeper for the National Parks Conservation Trust.