Mark Erwood

Mark Erwood – Principal Consultant

Mark has 7 years experience as a specialist in probity advising and 11 years in government procurement.

Mark Erwood is a specialist in probity analysis, advice and assurance for Government programs.

He has strong expertise in probity, strategy, procurement, situation analysis, planning, negotiation, contract management, strategic execution and project implementation.

Mark has been probity advising on a variety of projects for over 7 years. His approach is based on principles and practicality. He has strong knowledge of relevant rules and regulations as well as best practice standards in procurement, government spending and small business. Mark has Prince2 certification.

Mark’s attributes specific to probity advising are:

  • Detailed knowledge of Commonwealth Government legislation, rules, procedures and policies;
  • Applying probity principles to project planning and management, including risk analysis, due diligence and evaluation methodologies;
  • Practical understanding of the spending processes, including preparation, planning, approaches to market, evaluation and selection, Contract negotiations & management, project management.

Mark’s experience in providing probity advice:

  • DSS NDIS Specialist School Transport Research ($1.5 million)
  • DSS NDIS Workforce planning ($1.7 million)
  • National Gallery of Australia (NGA) Critical infrastructure upgrade program ($50 million+)
  • NGA Construction retrofit ($5 million)
  • APSC Leadership & Talent programs ($2 million)
  • Environment Dept, Coal seam gas research ($50 million)
  • Infrastructure Dept, Property services ($25 million)
  • NGA Electricity supply ($6 million)
  • NGA Security services ($5+ million)
  • NGA Cleaning Services ($5 million)
  • NGA IT content management systems ($2 million)


General Experience in Probity

  • Applies a rigorous and methodical approach to ensure full defensibility;
  • Independent consultant for over eleven years advising on all aspects of government spending;
  • Has worked with a wide range of clients on a variety of different projects, tailoring analysis and advice to suit the situation;
  • Expertise include ensuring the integrity of entire spending processes, from planning through to project evaluation, with a focus on best-practice principles and audit clearance;
  • Practical understanding of probity issues and the procurement process because of daily involvement in the processing of tenders and contracts.

Audit Clearance

  • A number of projects Mark has worked on have undergone auditing by both the private sector and the Australian National Audit Office. All projects have cleared the audits successfully.
  • Mark’s rigorous approach creates a clear and strong audit trail by applying best-practice standards. This ensures both the integrity of the process, and audit clearance.
Consulting experience
  • Principal consultant, Resolution Consulting: June 2013 – present
  • Senior consultant & company director, Erwood Accelerated Purchasing: 2009-13
  • Consulting to Federal government agencies
  • Working with levels SES1, EL2, EL1, APS6
  • Procurement and projects, value-for-money, focus
  • Managing teams of sub-contractors
Major Consulting Projects
  • National Gallery of Australia, Critical Infrastructure Upgrade Program – $50 million. Main probity, procurement and project management consultant for a program of projects to upgrade the critical infrastructure of the entire NGA building in Parkes, ACT.
  • Department of Social Services, School Transport Research – $1.5 million. Provided probity analysis, advice and assurance for a very complex and politically sensitive procurement. Applying probity principles and a methodical approach, reviewed the entire process and assisted the department to maintain the integrity and confidence in the project.
  • Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Coal Seam Gas Research – $50 million. Established a large and complex panel of expert providers to conduct research into coal seam gas mining. The panel was divided into various categories of expertise required to enable cutting edge research on specific projects.
  • NGA, Construction Project – $5 million. Probity, procurement and project management consultant for a large and complex project that involved the retro-fitting of a warehouse for storage of the national collection. Involved planning and procurement of construction management services and trade packages.
  • Department of Social Services, NDIS Workforce Planning – $1.7 million. Probity analysis, advice and assurance for a major research and design project for the disability care sector. Reviewed process and advised on best-practice to achieve value-for-money and a defensible outcome.
  • Department of Infrastructure & Transport – Property Services – $25 million. Public approach to market to find a provider to manage all of the Departments properties across Australia. Large and complex, managed with endorsement of senior officials. A provider was found, and costs reduced through a competitive process.
  • Attorney-General’s Department, Critical Infrastructure Program for Modelling and Analysis – $20 million+. Establishing a panel of expert providers for CIPMA, a highly sensitive disaster and terrorism resilience planning program for national infrastructure.
Client Organisations
  • Attorney-General’s Department
  • Australian Institute of Family Studies
  • Australian Public Service Commission
  • Cancer Australia
  • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry Australia
  • Department of the Environment, Water, Population and Communities
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Health and Ageing
  • Department of Human Services
  • Department of Social Security
  • National Archives of Australia
  • National Capital Authority
  • National Film and Sound Archive
  • National Gallery of Australia
  • National Parks
  • Productivity Commission