Business Assurance

Business Assurance

Business Assurance is providing confidence that activities are being conducted lawfully, that the risk of fraud and misuse of monies is minimised and that the activities are efficient and effective.

RCS has a proven track record of assisting public sector agencies to improve performance control and accountability through audits, reviews and evaluations.

We aim to provide credible reports and opinions with practical, relevant recommendations. Our consultants are dedicated to working along side our clients to achieve their desired results. We take pride in being high performing ethical professionals who offer a high care factor to our clients. Ours success is built on the quality of our people and their individual commitments to excellence. The business assurance services we provide are:

  • performance audits;
  • business reviews; and
  • development of risk management plans.

RCS has strong experience in providing performance audit services, funding and strategic reviews, risk management plans across a wide spectrum of agencies in the ACT, NSW and Commonwealth Government.  Projects undertaken include:

  • ACT Audit Office performance audits – Acceptance of Stormwater Assets, Mental Health Services, Review of Public Housing;
  • Review of the Green Loans Program for SEWPAC;
  • Performance Audits for the ANAO in major government portfolios including ATO, DVA, Centrelink , Medicare and Defence;
  • Audit of schools funded under the DER National Secondary School Computer Fund;
  • Review of the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) activity for DEEWR;
  • Reviews of ESC3 for the Job Network and ESC4 for Job Services Australia;
  • Review of the Caring for our Country Program for SEWPAC;
  • Strategic Review and Reengineer the Internal Audit Function for AHL;
  • Development of Risk Management Plans for a number of government agencies;
  • Strategic Review and development of a new business model for the NHMRC;
  • Audit of the CDEP program for DEEWR;
  • Quality assurance of the implementation of the SAP HR and BW applications, and the contract extension for IT Services and major projects such as Disaster Recovery in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIaC); and
  • Review of financial controls for the Strategic Grants Management System (SGMS) for Innovation (DIISRTE).