Financial Management Training

Financial Management Training

Our courses are developed and delivered by experienced practitioners with a depth of knowledge of the APS and key issues. We have a strong focus on financial management and more business like approaches.

Our approach is based on a facilitative, adult learning approach through a flexible training program. This may include:

  • Multiple units;
  • Selected topics;
  • On site or off site delivery;
  • Part day or full day courses; and
  • Intensive face-to-face workshops.

We allow sufficient time for self awareness and engagement, so that significant knowledge transfer occurs between participants.  The involvement in small groups allows participants to discuss their dilemmas and challenges and problem solve.

Course examples are:

  • Financial Management Framework;
  • External Budget Management;
  • Internal Budget Management;
  • Funding Review;
  • Internal Control Framework – Administered Programs;
  • Performance Measurement;
  • Activity Based Costing;
  • Cost Recovery;
  • Cost control;
  • ICT Financial Management; and
  • Governance (compliance, risk, performance and audit).

Internal Control Framework

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the key controls for the financial management of administered programs. Grant Management encompasses the frameworks, policies, processes and tools that an organisation develops to “ef…

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Funding Review

The purpose of this course is to prepare a submission to re-base level of funding based on substantive evidence. It is aimed at the finance and executive APS level.

Contents covered are:

  • Funding strategy;

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Internal Budget Management

The internal budget management course is aimed at a practitioner level and is based on the ANAO Better Practice Guide.

The contents include coverage of:

  • Finance Strategy – including a four year Finance Plan…

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External Budget Management

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of external budget process and detailed coverage of preparation of budget estimates and new policy proposals and costings. It is aimed at a practitioner level.

The contents covered ar…

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Financial Management Framework

This course is an introduction to financial management in the APS aimed at both accountants and non-accountants.

The contents of the course include:

  • Objectives of sound public sector management and accountability (eg…

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