Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Resolution Consulting Services (RCS) has a proven depth of experience in the management of public sector agencies and the not-for-profit sector with a significant track record of delivering successful project outcomes.

RCS provides a wide range of management consulting services including:

  • Administering Regulation
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Financial Management Frameworks
  • Grant Management
  • Funding Submissions
  • Operating Efficiencies
  • Business Cases
  • Financial Modelling
  • Establishing New Agencies
  • Budgeting and Reporting
  • Cost Recovery
  • Performance Improvement
  • Project and Change Management
  • Program Evaluation
  • Governance
  • Business Analysis
  • Performance Measurement
  • Activity Based Costing

Peter Hoefer is the Principal for all Management Consulting Services. For more information on each service line follow the links.

Strategic Consulting

RCS adopts a structured approach to strategy formulation based on:

  • Sound business logic;
  • Consideration of applicable legislative and policy frameworks; and
  • Analysis of empirical data…Read More

Financial Management Framework

RCS has assisted agencies to implement best practice solutions and new government agencies to set up or improve the financial management frameworks.

The financial management framework includes all aspects of the end to end finance proc…Read More

Cost Recovery

RCS is a market leader in cost recovery services to government agencies. Our services include:

  • Developing cost models;
  • Develop cost recovery policy;
  • Establishing the management accounting capabilit…Read More

Funding Submissions

RCS has developed a specialist capability in successfully preparing funding submissions, business cases, and new policy proposals using evidence based process and re-negotiating funding arrangements with central agencies and central finance fun…

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Program/Grant Management

RCS provides a range of services to support administered grant programs including:

  • Design performance measurement framework;
  • Financial and performance reporting;
  • Collect source data and generate ma…

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Budgeting and Reporting Systems, Financial Modelling and Activity Based Costing (ABC)

RCS has developed a number of internal and external budgeting and financial and performance reporting systems which are tailored for the public sector.

Our financial modelling services are typically used to provide purpose built econom…Read More

Risk Management

The effective management of risk is a key element in delivering the results government expects from sound public sector management. Our approach is directed towards supporting managers at all levels to anticipate uncertain events and to respond…

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Business Analysis

The delivery of a self sustaining solution is highly dependent on how systems and processes are managed and the effectiveness of the working relationships within this environment. The people working in the agency typically understand their pro…

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RCS is able to undertake benchmarking using off the shelf metrics and tailored data collection processes with benchmarking partners. Our benchmarking services include:

  • Department wide processes (research, policy, program mana…

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Administering Regulation

Our services include:

  • analysis of regulatory functions, processes and business models against better practice and recommend improvements to transition towards a contemporary regulator;
  • process modelling of licensing and…

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Program Evaluation

Evaluations can provide useful information for program managers on whether a program is doing the right things in the right ways, and whether there are ways to improve program delivery. Evaluations can also provide information to inform broader…

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